28.7. 17h Different ways of exploring touch with Laura Ahumada García

Dieser Workshop wird englisch angeleitet / This workshop will be held in english Language!

First part: We will begin working in couples finding the connection with one and other in relation to the floor, a soft entry to get used to what together we will develop. We will explore the principals of softness, gravity, groundness, flow, mobility of the body from contemporary dance techniques to find safe transitions for each individual to work on with the floor and while dancing in contact.  

Second part: Applying the tools we have already explored as individuals and in couples in order for us to feel safe while going in and out of the floor.  There will be the offering of different ways of approaching one another to find pathways in and out of contact. Finding different ways of approaching each other and enriching the range of possibilities that contact improvisation has to offer. At the end of the workshop we will concentrate on giving and receiving weight by using the techniques of contact improvisation.

The course is open for advance and beginner and you can use these tools in the open jam session. The course will be in English language.

Laura is South American Movement Artist, Performer, Improviser, Physical Theatre, Inter-arts Collaborator, Site-Specific and Educator currently enrolling in a Master program (MA CoDE) in Frankfurt. Since 2021 Laura has been a freelance dance artist, educator and choreographer in Germany. Her dedication for teaching, dancing and performing comes from her silliness, spontaneity, absurdity, simplicity, latin fire and finding togetherness in dance. She encountered Contact improvisation back in 2016 in London while studying and since then it has been part of her creative and pedagogical processes.